My Break 50

I work for a charity called Break and in 2018 they will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. As part of this they are encouraging everyone to take part in a campaign called ‘My Break 50’, you can choose your challenge which is awesome because it means that everyone can take part but with something that they enjoy.

As a member of staff I was eager to get on board and so I have decided to do two very different challenges – 1. dead-lift 100kgs and 2. read and review 50+ books.

I’ve set up a Virgin Giving page called ‘Jeni’s ‘I read and lift things’ page’ to collect sponsorship. You might wonder how I will actually raise money and here’s how! With the dead-lift (I’m up to 80kgs so far) people can just sponsor me as they would a marathon or sponsored swim and with the books, this is when it gets fun and a bit more inclusive, I am encouraging people to nominate a book in return for a donation, I will then read and review the book. People can also make a donation if they like a review or if they read the book because of a review and enjoyed it. Finally people can just make a donation via my page because they like my challenge!

I’ve been nominated about 7 books so far and I realise that this challenge is going to be tough, so people are going to nominate books that they know I won’t enjoy, oh well, no-one said it was going to be easy, but it’s all for charity!

For a bit of a visual this is me practicing my dead-lift!