The Prompt Pot – Birds

Newshound to Novelist gave us another prompt – Birds and man, oh man, I loved this one! I was so overwhelmed with ideas that I’ve written a few micro stories, well I’ve written four pieces but they are actually two stories, just told from two point of views, it was something I did as an exercise in a Write Norfolk class and it’s fun exploring the way a second character sees the same event.

So here they are – The Robin and The Raven Queen, let me know what you think.

The Robin part 1

Whenever the red breasted robin visited me I thought of you.  

My heart momentarily grew heavier in my chest, a catch caught in my throat and tears would fill my eyes, less each time, but still there.

His cheeky behaviour, head tipping, comical hopping and curiosity mimicked your own, it made me smile.

I miss you, I thought as I stared at my feathered companion.

The robin abruptly flew away, no doubt on important bird business, but I was sure I heard ‘I know’ whispered through the rustling of his wings.


The Robin part 2

I greeted the human female as she passed my nest. There was something in her eyes. She wasn’t fear, it was something else, like when your neighbour gets eaten by monsters.

When she saw me her eyes lit up, I’d follow her, hopping, telling her that she had nothing to worry about, she was bigger than any cat-monster I’d ever seen and she’d be able to pick it up and stop its reign of terror.

She seemed to understand, be happier, but bringing up the monster scared me so I flew away as quickly as I could.


The Raven Queen part 1

I stepped back. The Raven Queen had risen abruptly, her cloak of black blue feathers rippling like oil.

“He will pay”

She paced, I became fascinated with the long feathers that made up her impressive ruff, delicately fluttering around a woman filled with growing anger.

Whispering, whispering, her elegant stance was now hunched, her slim fingers curled into claws.

“My queen”

“HE WILL PAY” she shrieked in an unworldy voice, her arms flew up, her cloak exploded around her, turning into the ravens that the feathers once belonged to. They flew around her, a violent mist making her invisible.


The Raven Queen part 2

The ravens were more than my familiars, they were my spirit animals, part of my soul, their elegance and darkness filled my entire being.

“He will pay”

Power flowed through me, and as my anger grew so did my untamed magic. My ravens caught on with a death-grip, their claws tore into the uncontrollable emotion building up within me.

I felt it as they burst free, ripping themselves out of my skin as my magic exploded, taking back their borrowed feathers from my cloak, transforming into a frenzied whirlwind of feathers, bodies, claws and beaks that hid me from view.


I loved this prompt! what about you? Are you inspired, let me know!




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  1. I’m SO pleased this prompt inspired you so much!

    This opening line: “Whenever the red breasted robin visited me I thought of you.” was great! It was very atmospheric and painted a clear image from the reader straight away.

    Thank you so much for taking part again this week 🙂

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