Book 5: Hidden by Benedict Jacka

A couple of weeks ago I posted on my Facebook page that I’d started reading my hubby’s nominated book Dark Days by Randy Blythe, then we went to Download and I needed a smaller book to take with me so I picked up Hidden, the next installment from one of my new favourite authors.

Question – is it weird to select a book by its size?

Hidden is the 6th book in the Alex Versus series. Alex Versus is a mage (magician) who lives in London, he has never really escaped from his dark past (when he apprenticed under a dark mage), but he’d gotten by and gone out of his way to prove that he’s not a bad person, that was going well, until recently. In book 5 Versus’ past caught up with him and he had to reveal his ‘truth’ to his friends. Some accepted him as a changed man, but others couldn’t look past his history and dark actions.

In Hidden we find that Versus’ small social circle has shrunk a bit more and Alex is realising that after all this time pushing people away to protect himself, he actually likes having friends and people he can turn to.

Of course he understands why his ex-buds don’t want to be associated with him, but when one of them needs his assistance he ignores that fact that they are no longer friends and helps out anyway. Because, well that’s what he does and his past doesn’t define his present or future.

This book is pretty awesome because we learn more about the magical world Jacka has created, we are introduced to the incredible powers that some mages have, find out what they are willing to do to achieve a goal, we learn more about the different realms these magical practitioners can make (now be honest, if you could create a little realm off this reality to visit or live in, wouldn’t you jump at the chance to do it?), oh and most exciting, we discover a new magical creature. It’s so fab!

Did I mention that Alex Versus lives in London? This means that sometimes you’re reading the story and you’ll come to a bit and be like “oh, oh, I know that place/street/shop” and it makes it a bit more, I don’t want to sound corny and say magical, but maybe realistic? It’s very cool.

Also take a look at the cover art – it has glimpses of London on it, again pretty awesome, such a beautiful cover!

Can’t wait for the next installment!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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