Book 6: Veiled by Benedict Jacka

Veiled is the 7th installment in the Alex Versus series.

There is something comforting about this series which makes me want the stories to never end. I imagine it’s the way Jacka creates and writes his characters, I really believe in them and feel their struggles and emotions as if they were my own.

This isn’t a new thing if I’m being honest, if I really get into a book or a movie my brain tells me that what I’m watching or reading is actually happening to me. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve become immersed in a zombie movie and left the cinema tensed and ready for an attack or read an argument between a couple in a book and been secretly annoyed at Pickle for whatever happened in the novel, and, oh my goodness, the deaths. If I’m really into a book a death will really rock me, my chest will hurt, colours seem duller and sometimes I actually cry! The logical voice in my head tells me I’m daft, but it’s hard to ignore your feelings! There is an official term for this, but I can’t remember what it is.

Anyway, enough crazy, on with the review.

As I said previously, I really enjoy this series and Veiled is no exception. Sometimes the problem with a long running series is that the author runs out of new things to write about or evolves the character too much, too quickly and the reader stops enjoying reading about them. This isn’t the case yet, you’ll be pleased to hear, but we do see a different side of Versus this time.

He is pretty much a lone wolf, being an ex-apprentice to a dark mage doesn’t open many doors to you and so you learn to survive alone, trust no-one and assume the worst in others. As we know Versus has a small group of friends now and tried hard to prove to the magical community that he is not dark, despite his tutorage. This was going ok until his ex-dark master, who vanished for a decade or so, suddenly reappears.

Versus has pretty much steered clear of the politics of the magic world as much as he can, but after one to many close calls on freelance jobs for the light side, he decides to get a job in the system that has let him down so many times.

This is a massive change for Versus, he works as a team with his friends, but he is always the alpha, he will often just follow random leads and not tell anyone where he’s going (mainly for their own safety) and he always follows through to the end regardless of how dangerous or futile it is.

Wow what a change! At his new job Versus works with a team of people who still think he’s dark and so don’t trust him, he isn’t the alpha, he has to constantly follow orders from other people and he is basically just used as a divining tool. We follow his struggle as he tries to be a good company man and also try to work out who everyone has alliances with.

Without giving too much away change is a-coming within the magical world and we will hopefully get a front seat to the action in the next few books.

Also – crazy fire mages be crazy and oh so awesome!

Have you read this book? What did you think?

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