The Prompt Pot – Cobbles

I missed last weeks prompt pot because life got in the way, but I’m all over this weeks one and Newshound to Novelist has added a twist, instead of just an inspirational word, we’ve got a sentence, written in bold:

Outside, the grey cobbles of the church belfry were lit by a faint morning sun.

I stood there, an invisible forcefield restraining me.

Father burst through the doors “Whats happening? what are you doing?”

“I can’t go in, I don’t believe in what they’re selling”

He stared at me, mouth open, disbelief shadowed his wrinkled face, flickers of anger flashed in his widened eyes.

He turned and walked away, his silence filling me with more guilt than words ever could.

“Are you ok?”
I shook my head
“Wanna get out of here?”
I nodded

He took my hand and we walked away from the church full of people, the almost blushing bride and handsome groom.

This prompt was cool! What did you think, are you inspired? Let me know!