My name is Jeni and I live in Norfolk, England, with my hubby, two cats, snake and dragon.

My interests include movies (especially horrors and sci-fi), reading, visiting art galleries, being a bit crafty, listening to heavy metal music and going to gigs. I go to the gym, but I wouldn’t class myself as a gym bunny, I’m definitely a crazy cat lady and am often referred to as strange, quirky or weird, I don’t mind. Oh and I love cake and have a thing for jelly belly beans! Can’t believe I almost forgot to mention that!

I am an introvert, but I think that this is a positive thing – not everyone can be a leader, sometimes you need listeners and doers. I have anxiety and body confidence issues, but these things make me who I am I’m learning to own it. I also hate having my photo taken and haven’t worked out how to take a good selfie, however I realise that having a blog means I may have to post photos.

Eventually I would love to write a novel, one day!

And finally, I started a blog because sometimes you need to write about things and need a bigger platform that Facebook or Twitter.